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Soft Screen

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Soft Skills X-Ray

The Compass of Human Capital Empowerment

Profitable Benefits for Organizations

Data-Driven Decisions.  

Eliminate guesswork and make informed decisions with our comprehensive data analysis.

Workforce Recruitment & Empowerment. 

Select and recruit the best-qualified candidates promptly and at a low cost. Equip your people with effective tools that promote professional growth and operational excellence.

Strategic Decisions 

Navigate towards success with data-driven strategies that align with maritime industry standards.

Risk Mitigation Analytics

provide a deeper understanding of human behavioral competencies, aiding in risk assessment and policy formulation.

Operational Excellence 

Drive operational excellence with data-driven insights that align with the rigorous demands of any industry.

Talent Acquisition 

Headhunters and Manning Agents can leverage our system to select and recruit candidates with the required skills and behaviors in a timely and cost-effective manner.

A Pioneering Tool

Soft Screen is a pioneering Soft Skills X-Ray-Screening tool designed to measure key indicators of human behavior, projecting and measuring 26 critical qualities, personality traits, motivations, abilities, and skills of human capital.

A New Era of Human-Centric Focus

We stand on the doorstep of a new reality, a new era—a human-centric era. Soft Screen is the culmination of combined human competencies, knowledge, academic research, scientific studies, teamwork, dedication, commitment, and social responsibility.

Innovative and User-Friendly

The Soft Skills-X-Ray Application is an innovative, easy-to-use app that projects and measures critical human qualities. It’s a direct and clear data illustration, akin to the X-ray screening applied in various industries, such as medical diagnosis.

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