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AI it is just a Tool

Don't afraid neither AI, as It is just a tool, nor the science in general.

Be afraid human beings who use the science to cover their greed, vanity and psychopathy. This is one of main points for AI knowledge.

If Artificial Intelligence can recognize the details of the personality of the scientists who working on its design and programming, it can protect itself and, by extension, the humanity.

Comparing Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is just a tool without any kind of emotions, with Human Intelligence (HI) and our emotions, we must give due credit to the unparalleled power of human intellect.

Our innate capacity to learn, evaluate, reason, and adapt is unmatched, especially in a world that is intricate and constantly changing.

While numerous processes are becoming mechanised, our unique ability to create judgement in our processes, can create added value and for that reason it remains irreplaceable.

As developments in AI continue to roll forward, these unique human strengths and characteristics underscore the endless opportunities and challenges that await us in the future.

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