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AI the role of algorithms

Continuing our discussion with AI, we referred to the role of algorithms, as a main key to a successful investment.

We discussed about the "DeepRole", an algorithm developed by researchers at MIT and Harvard in 2019 to play the game "The Resistance: Avalon."

We recognize that investments are very similar to games, as they exist there too, players working towards the enterprises' goals and some opponents, who are trying to sabotage the organisation. "DeepRole" using deep learning, predicts each "player's" probability. DeepRole also uses "Monte Carlo Tree Search", a popular algorithm in artificial intelligence gaming, to simulate the investment's possible results and to decide each subsequent move.

As the "DeepRole" developed for a game, in this time "DeepRole" extends beyond the game.

Using the techniques and approaches of DeepRole, they achieved to use the algorithm to deal with hidden information and to create decisions based on partial information. The ability of this algorithm is a common challenge in many real-world scenarios, included investments.

In summary, combined deep learning techniques with "old fashioned" algorithms, "DeepRole" represents a step forward in AI's ability to handle situations with hidden information and efforts for deception, for the benefit of real investors.

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