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Artificial Intelligence Conference in Patras

I am excited for my first time presentation for AI, at the Artificial Intelligence Conference in Patras, which was made after a honorary invitation of my good friend and colleague George Pappas, President of the Economic Chamber of Northwestern Peloponnese and Western Greece✨

A "Technical Conversation" essentially, creates the necessity of knowledge, on the part of the one asking the question to AI, mainly for checking of the correctness of the answer given by the AI. If this becomes possible, then we can say that Artificial Intelligence, combined with human knowledge, can cover a part of the uncertainty that characterizes people who expect a difficult, special and/or specific answer.

This unique event was honored by presence of the Scientists of the University of Patras, representatives of the Economic, Commercial and Industrial Chambers and important political and social officials from the Peloponnese and Western Greece. 🎓💼🌍

With such diverse range of participants, organizers achieved to have a lively atmosphere filled with interesting discussions, thought provoking presentations and valuable networking opportunities. 🗣️📚💫

Remember this. The future of humanity together with Artificial Intelligence (ΙΤ) functions, be bright and be sure that we will create a better future! 💪

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