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The future of seafarers in shipping

What about the future of seafarers in shipping? Can unmanned vessels be a competitive solution? What might be the Key?

The future of seafarers in shipping.

In the shipping industry, advancements in automation are anticipated to reduce it even further roles that require cognitive skills, while simultaneously minimizing also human errors, which are a primary cause of accidents.

Regarding skills it is necessary to know in advance which are the seafarer’s soft skills which will be more useful for seafarer specific task and which will be able to create added value.

In the future, this evolution could lead to a possibility of widening income gap between low-skilled and high-skilled seafarers. To address this growing disparity, it's imperative to promote a culture of lifelong learning together with a continuous psychological support of seafarers, due to the peculiar and often harsh working conditions.

By doing so, seafarers can continuously enhance their skills, especially their soft skills and accumulate valuable experience throughout their careers, ensuring they remain relevant and competitive in an ever-evolving industry.

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