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"The more women in a ship, the more smart and adaptive the results".

When leveraging AI for a competitive advantage, one crucial factor we should consider is the representation of women, whether it's in an office setting or on a ship. It's noteworthy that the maritime industry often features a stark gender imbalance. Many crew managers, who are predominantly male, hold preconceived notions about women. These managers may hesitate to approve female seafarers for on-board roles, primarily due to concerns about potential social issues disrupting the ship's cohesiveness.

However, it's crucial to acknowledge that diversity, including a strong representation of women on board, can significantly benefit an organization. Additionally, extroverted and social behavior can further enrich the team dynamic, aiding in the creation of a more smart and adaptive organization.

By examining the impact of AI and crew effectiveness through the lens of gender diversity and social traits, we can better understand how these factors influence overall performance. This perspective enables us to find the ideal balance, thereby fostering a smarter and more effective organization.

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