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Soft Skills Certification Mechanism

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Certify your skills and effectively manage your goals effectively


Through the completion of a number of observations - assumptions, without limits

it will show the percentages you possess for each of the 15 Soft Skills below.

Soft skills are vital skills that are consistent with personal and professional success, reflecting a person's ability to communicate, collaborate and adapt.​

Communication Skills

Vital abilities like speaking, listening, and writing, crucial for effective interaction and collaboration in relationships.

Analysis & Problem Solving

Critical methods for addressing challenges, employing analysis, creativity, and decision-making  to achieve effective resolutions and outcomes.


Critical skills for working effectively in groups, emphasizing communication, cooperation, and mutual support to achieve shared goals and foster synergy.


Prioritization Skills

Essential abilities for organizing tasks, emphasizing efficiency, focus, and strategic allocation of resources to accomplish objectives effectively and meet deadlines.


Organizational Skills

Foundational abilities for structuring tasks, emphasizing efficiency, attention to detail, and effective time management to optimize productivity and achieve goals systematically.


Time management

Key approaches for optimizing productivity, involving prioritization, organization, and efficient allocation of resources to meet objectives effectively.



Vital elements for generating novel ideas, leveraging imagination, curiosity, and experimentation to drive progress and solve complex challenges innovatively.



Essential traits for guiding teams, including vision, communication, and empathy, crucial for inspiring, motivating, and achieving collective goals.


Pressure Management

Critical skill for coping with pressure, focusing on resilience, self-care, and effective strategies to alleviate stress and maintain well-being amidst demanding situations.


Adaptability and Flexibility

Essential quality for navigating uncertainty, embracing flexibility, resilience, and openness to new ideas, crucial for thriving amidst evolving circumstances.



Foundational abilities for making informed choices, utilizing analysis, intuition, and problem-solving to reach effective decisions in diverse situations.


Persistence and patience

Crucial traits for enduring challenges, embodying resilience, persistence, and calmness in the face of obstacles, essential for achieving long-term goals.


Collision Avoidance

Key skill for preventing disputes, emphasizing diplomacy, communication, and problem-solving to mitigate tensions and maintain harmonious relationships in various contexts.


Critical Thinking

Foundational abilities for analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing information, enabling reasoned decision-making and innovative problem-solving in various contexts.


Emotional Intelligence

Key attribute for understanding and managing emotions, fostering empathy, self-awareness, and effective interpersonal relationships for personal and professional success.

About filling out:


The major point is to check all the comments which you admit that express yourself without having numerical or time choice limitations.

Upon completion of the process you will receive a written, valid Certificate of your Skills.

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